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Take the first step to rehabilitation with Carolina Energetics PC. When seeking help for your opioid dependency, let our clinic be of service. Our top-rated facility has the most qualified physician, staff, and treatments to ensure you’re getting the help you deserve. 


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Suboxone Therapy


Suboxone® & Subutex Therapy

Your journey toward ending your opioid dependency a highly individualized process, and we’re dedicated to finding the right path for you. Part of your rehabilitation process is taking a prescription that aids in helping you to battle your opioid dependency. As a Subutex and Suboxone opioid provider, we’re qualified to provide the assistance you need.  

What Makes These Medications Effective?

Containing buprenorphine, which was previously used as a pain reliever, Subutex and Suboxone help you to remain comfortable and safe while you attempt to reestablish a routine without opioid. Not only does this opioid treatment help to eliminate or reduce your cravings for opiates, but it also minimizes the threat of relapse, as it blocks uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. These FDA-approved medications allow you to focus on therapy and recovering, not dealing with distractions that come from cravings

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Count on Affordable Rates

Getting the rehabilitation you need doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Carolina Energetics PC is dedicated to keeping our prices affordable so you can get the opioid treatment you need without the financial burden. You’ll receive the drug rehabilitation services you need without having to sacrifice the quality of your care.  

Personalize Your Treatment Plan

It’s the goal of our opioid dependency clinic to build a rehabilitation program that’s personalized for you, ensuring a complete recovery from your opioid addiction and successful reintegration to society. Helping you get control over your opioid dependency requires the help of a physician who knows the most effective approach. From your first intake visit to scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits, our opioid dependency clinic gives our recommendations based on your progress.

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Your rehabilitation begins at Carolina Energetics PC. Call today to speak with a physician or to schedule your appointment. Our team is readily available to answer your questions about the services we offer!